Programs Available


Therapeutic Riding

Balance, coordination and muscle tone improve through exercises done on  horseback. Psychological benefits include increased independence,  motivation and self-control. Vocabulary development and sequential  learning contribute to cognitive gains, and self-esteem soars as the  riders learn to control their mounts.   


Therapeutic Driving

 Therapeutic Driving is an equine activity for people with various  disabilities, in which the participant sits in a cart, pulled by a horse  and learns the skills necessary to drive a horse. Driving is available  for any participant who is interested in learning this skill, and also  offers further independence and opportunity to participants who are  unable or uninterested in riding for various reasons.  


Freedom Heroes and Equines Carriage Driving

A Free carriage driving program for disabled veterans and first responders.  


Horsemanship Programs

Horsemanship Field Trips (non-riding)

Special Olympics

Competition Training

Equine Facilitated Learning Programs - Social Skills programs 


Independent Living and Assisted Living Program


Inspire Equine Therapy program offers interactive tours for adults of all ages to experience the uniqueness of our facility that provides a variety of equine activities to persons with disabilities and disabled veterans. 

During an inspiring visit to our stables, by walking, you will:

· Meet new friends while visiting with Inspire staff and volunteers.

· Engage your mind while learning about all the benefits our programs provide to teens and adults with disabilities and disabled veterans. 

· Stimulate your senses while touring our beautiful horse stables and working gardens

· Build your strength and balance while feeding and grooming our therapy horses or working on a small project in our gardens. 

· Improve your coordination while walking our property.

· Relax on our patio or our dock and enjoy the beautiful, tranquil, park like environment.

We welcome you to come visit, we love to make new friends. 


Agricultural Training Program

This a a job skills training program for individuals with disabilities ages 22 and older. Learn how to take care of a barn environment, take care of horses, learn to grow vegetables and care for a garden. We currently partner with LYF, Inc. in Clearwater to offer this program.  


Equine Partners Program

This program is for organizations and groups to work on teamwork and leadership skills with the help of horses. 

Program Partners

Agricultural Training Program


LYF Inc. Clearwater Campus participates in the Agricultural Job Training Program twice a week. They learn job skills on taking care of a farm and gardening. 

Veterans Programs


Thru the partnership with Veterans Alternative, weekly program participants can enjoy the relaxation of working with horses and the quiet peace of the stables. 

Equestrian Sports Competition


From Area Games to State Competition, Special Olympics Florida - Pinellas County - Equestrian Programs


How do I get started in a program at Inspire Equine Therapy

Being a Participant in Equine Therapy at Inspire


Welcome to Inspire Equine Therapy Program. We teach basic riding, driving and horsemanship skills to teens and adults with special needs. Our main focus is working with participants that are 10 years or older. Our program is designed to benefit our participants physically, socially, and emotionally by using horses and volunteers who are trained to work with individuals of varying abilities.

 Upon completion of the registration forms, please return them to the office as quickly as possible. Once the forms have been reviewed by our Executive Director, if you are eligible for the program you will be contacted to schedule a time for you to come in for an evaluation ride. 

 Riders at Inspire are placed into the most appropriate class according to the participant's abilities and age.  We try to take scheduling preferences of the participant and caregivers into account when placing participants into classes; however, Inspire cannot guarantee the day and/or time that you prefer will be available. Please check the calendar on our website for the most current lesson schedule. If there is not an opening in a class appropriate for your abilities and age, then you will be placed on a waiting list until space opens up. 

When you receive your scheduled lesson time, please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your lesson. This will give you the necessary preparation time before mounting. We do keep attendance records. All participants are permitted 2 absences (excused or unexcused, payment still required). If the participant is absent 3 times per session, the participant will be removed from the lesson roster and placed at the end of the current waiting list. In order to avoid disrupting the lessons and for safety reasons, when a rider arrives 15 minutes late he/she will not be permitted to participate when the class has already started. 2 tardy arrivals will be considered 1 absence. 

Ongoing evaluations are done periodically on the progress of participants. If a participant has been evaluated as not gaining benefit from equine therapy, he/she may be removed from a class and reassigned or removed from the program in order to make room for another participant who may be able to benefit from equine therapy.

A participant may be excused due to medically related issues or needs that take him/her out of the program for 2 months or less, and Inspire will hold their place in the program session provided the participant’s fees are paid and kept current. 

Program Costs

We do accept Staywell Insurance and the Gardiner Scholarship for Therapeutic Riding lessons - Please ask us how to apply

Registration Paperwork for Therapeutic Riding and Driving

Participant Registration Paperwork

TR-Participant-Packet-1 (pdf)


Equine Facilitated Learning Program Waviers

Inspire Equine Therapy Field Trip Waiver (pdf)